Instructions for use Keto Bullet

If you want to get results quickly, follow the instructions for use.

How to use Keto Bullet

How to use Keto Bullet
  1. Pour the contents of one sachet into a cup.
  2. Add 200-250 ml of water and stir well.
  3. Drink coffee before breakfast.
  4. Drink coffee every day.

Application features

Slimming coffee drinks can be drunk alone, ie without a diet, or as a supplement in addition to the keto diet. Indications for admission - the desire to lose weight. This drink is suitable for overweight amounts, effective even for 1-2 degrees of obesity.

Please note that the drink contains natural coffee. Do not take it in the evening or you may have trouble sleeping.

Are there any contraindications and side effects?

Keto Bullet has no contraindications. It can be drunk by anyone who is not satisfied with their weight. The formula is completely balanced, so the product does not cause side effects. Coffee is not addictive. Not recommended for children and adolescents, as being overweight at this age can be temporary.

How long can you take weight loss products?

The minimum course of application is 30 days. You can drink coffee until you get the desired result. Doctors in the United States do not recommend maintaining a state of ketosis for more than 8 months, respectively, the maximum allowable level of reception should not exceed the specified period. If desired, you can continue to drink coffee after a month.

When is the result?

The effect can be seen from the first day of administration. In half an hour after the first dose, you will feel cheerful and energetic. By evening, you will remain cheerful and energetic and will not experience severe hunger. Active fat burning begins a few days after the start of the course. In the first week, you can lose weight up to 5 kg. Starting from the second week, you will lose 0. 5 kg per day.